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Consumption Culture Puzzle

Consumption Culture Puzzle

Ponder Designs Co
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'Consumption Culture' One Thousand Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Faster cars, trendier clothes, the latest technology. Our consumption culture promises 'happiness', but does it deliver or simply leave you feeling like all you want is more, more more?

Product Information

Our designs are inspired by the 'coffee table book'. Each puzzles come housed within a vibrant sleeve made from high quality art paper and thick stock. They have a matte finish and the text has been de-bossed to add shine and texture. 

Illustrator Spotlight: Al Poli

"Consumption Culture" was designed by emerging artist Al Poli, an interior stylist by trade and an illustration artist by passion, who is based in New York. 

Need To Know

Packaging size:22.5cm x 28.7cm x 4.7cm
Finished puzzle size: 73cm x 51cm
Level of difficulty: medium-tricky.

Designed with love and thoughtfulness in Australia.